IT engineer by day, space nerd by night.

Looking up at the moon from an early age started my fascination with space, but getting to look through a telescope on a school trip to our local observatory really made me want to take it further. I was the kind of kid that went to the library each week and started with a book about space.

As I got older I met many like minded people, joined the local astronomical society, and found out I too could take photos of spaceā€¦ Not just the moon, but planets, the milky way, and even deep sky objects !

The photos you see are all taken in New Zealand, one of the worlds best places for stargazing, with some of the clearest dark skies in the world, due to our low light pollution.

I’ve spent a number of years learning and perfecting my space photography. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it inspires you too, as the moon once inspired me.